Husby Group

Husby Group

Stability – Principles – Growth

Established over 30 years ago, the Husby Group consistently provides the business intelligence, quality assurance, and principled guidance vital to parenting an aggressive forest products group. The Husby Group is the largest privately held full-service forest management company in Canada. The group employs and contracts over 1,000 individuals with outstanding reputations for delivering on promises.

Husby Forest Products Ltd.

Full-Service Forest Management

Husby Forest Products is an end-to-end coastal British Columbia organization. Core services include: Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, Logging, Stewardship, and Environmental Monitoring. Visit Husby Forest Product's Website

Tecfor Resources Ltd.

End-To-End Support

Tecfor Resources Ltd. works in tandem with Husby Forest Products. Core support services include: Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, Full Phase Forestry Engineering, Silviculture, Stewardship, and Environmental Monitoring. Visit Tecfor's Website

Forex Log & Lumber Ltd.

Forest Products Marketing

Forex Log is a coastal British Columbia forest products company with a global distribution network. Core services include: Log Marketing, Harvesting Logistics, and Harvesting Management. Visit Forex's Website

J & G Logworks Ltd.

Custom Cut Marketing

J&G Log Works Ltd. specializes in the marketing of custom cut lumber on a global basis.  A major strength is the emphasis placed on both end-user products and components by providing the precise custom cutting of wood materials to customer specifications.  Core services include: Project Management, Market Analysis, and Production Planning of Custom Cut Lumber for the domestic and international market. Visit J&G's Website

Peregrine Lodge

Sport Fishing Resort

Peregrine Lodge is a sport fishing resort that offers both saltwater and freshwater fishing packages, as well as exciting guided tours.  Come and experience the perfect getaway or corporate retreat. Visit Peregrine Lodge's Website

Select Steel Ltd.

Steel Construction and Fabrication

Specializing in forestry and construction equipment rebuilds, Select Steel has since branched out into structural steel fabrication as well as mill equipment fabrication and assembly. With the expansion into structural steel, Select Steel became C.W.B. approved in 1998 and maintains those standards to date. Visit Select Steel's Website

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